No, No, No, No, No

Just practicing.

I need help. I am knee deep in stress for what should be a fun weekend that is now WAY  overbooked. And it’s my own fault. I need help learning to say “No.”

My Dilemma

Let me lay it out. I am currently waiting to board a delayed flight to Rochester, NY. I will return Friday at 1:00 in the afternoon and then I need to pick up a registration packet for the half-marathon race I am running, don black tie attire (including wearing a dress I have yet to see or try on – it arrived today after I left) and proceed to a work function from 6:30 until midnight (in said black tie attire). Saturday morning I will rise up early (yes, like 6 hours later) to head back downtown to run the Rock-n-Roll half marathon. In the mean time my husband will take the little one to a 6 year old birthday party. After I finish my little jaunt around D.C., I will return home to cook a Birthday dinner for our oldest and a host of family members – did I mention our in-laws also arrive on Friday (yes, this same Friday).

Oy, now all of these things would be fun and totally manageable in isolation but I’ve somehow managed to pile them all into the same 48 hour window. I shouldn’t say somehow, I know how, I just kept saying yes. And the yesses were so spread out that I didn’t actually realize they converged into one big, stressy, messy, YES.

Me, Now

So here I sit, waiting for my delayed flight, trying to figure out how to do it all.  In a desperate attempt to manage this, I actually posted this question to my mom’s running group: “Does anyone know if the gear check bags are large enough for heels and a small clutch?” And you know what?  People responded like this was the most normal question in the world.  I mean, who doesn’t occasionally have to take heels to a running race?  The thing is they are moms too. They get it. They too have said yes one too many times.

Enter Wonder Women

So if anyone has a magical solution to ensure I don’t create any more yes bombs in my life, I’m all ears. Until then I’ve enlisted my network of wonder women to help make sure that this weekend, I really can do it all.  One friend is getting my race packet, another friend is inspecting the dress, a third friend is rearranging my return flight so I actual have time to get ready and a fourth friend is providing birthday dinner assistance. I have no doubt there will be a few other acts of wonder before the 48 hours comes to an end.  None of this is unnoticed or unappreciated – I did start by saying, “I need help.”  Thank you wonder women!

Happy International Women’s Day. Please share with all the women in your life that help make it possible for you to do it all.

(And wish me luck!)