I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … I wear a lot of suits.

I typically like suits.  But finding ways to make them feel fresh on a weekly basis can be challenging.

Speaking of challenging, I’ve had a challenging start to my work week.  So during my morning commute I was doing a lot of blocking.  Mostly mental blocking of all the annoyances I didn’t want to deal with on my to do list.  But it got me thinking about colorblocking.  For those unaware … it is a popular term used in fashion and design when you have contrasting blocks or panels of solid, typically bright colors.  The colors are most often on opposite ends of the spectrum (it was popularized by artwork by the Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian – note the featured image above this post).

Enter a bright silk blouse to brighten both my mood and appearance.

In order to counter my anti-anything mood, I decided to add an unexpected pop of color to my suit! I opted for a bright turquoise silk blouse which provided excellent contrast to my deep navy suit. But why end the fun there? Add a brightly colored purse to complete the look.  I was thinking red or yellow (ala Mondrian) for my outfit (even though I don’t actually own a yellow purse).  But my lack of motivation caused me to be running late – so no fun purse exchange.

Unexpected color pairings allow me to look pulled together and professional while having some fun.  It is a formula I use frequently and works with many combinations of colors.  The more unexpected the color combination the better the effect.  And a suit isn’t required.  I have applied the same formula to separates; one of my favorite outfits is a turquoise skirt, navy blue polka dot shirt and bright green cardigan.  The colors work together because they are all similar in hue but the combination is certainly unexpected.

Have you created any unexpected color combinations?  I am always looking for new pairings to try!

Outfit Details

Theory Gabe Suit Jacket | Theory Max Edition Straight Leg Pants |Joie Silk Blouse (old but alternatives shown below) | J. Crew Mary Jane (old but an Alternative for only $43) | Nadri Necklace

Bright Silk Blouses

Where to Buy the Deep Navy Suit

My9to5shoes.com My 9 to 5 Shoes Colorblocking










Theory Blazer | Pants

Featured Image: Piet Mondrian [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons