If you are like me and jumped in with both feet (pun totally intended) with the Over-the-Knee boot trend, then you have probably discovered some of their downfalls.  I’ve discovered a few OTK problems myself so I put together a compilation of the best solutions for all the troublesome issues you might encounter with this otherwise wonderful trend.

they … Keep Sliding Down

It depends on what I am wearing but occasionally my thigh high boots ‘slump’.  Not really the look I am going for.  Solution: BootBra (yep, that’s the name) and yep, it WORKS!!  I tested them with my Lowlands by wearing one with and one without and walking around for 10 minutes (not a very long test – I know…)

But check out the results – the boot on the right is where it should be (the one with Bootbra) and the left has started to ‘slump’ (no Bootbra).  They also make an extender if you need a slightly larger size (just measure your thigh where you will put the bra to determine if you might need the extender).  You may also want to get extra snaps if you have really thigh high boots.  If you are worried about attaching them in your high end boots – you shouldn’t be – they can be easily removed.

they … Are Hard to Store

I posted about this solution previously (here). Every fall/winter I struggle with what to do with tall boots in my closet.  I had one boot holder that my husband claims made it look like the Wicked Witch of the West croaked in my closet.  I tried hanging them but the boots would fall off.  Wanting to finally solve the problem, I took to the internet and found Booti Boot.

It is a OTK boot storage game changer.  No more dead witches in my walk-in.  Even my tallest OTK boots stand stick straight.  And NO creases in my boots from folding them or piles of shoe boxes in the corner of my closet.  This product also helps keep them aerated inside – which really means NO STINK! If your OTK beauties are currently folded in the bottom of the closet please rescue them and get them standing tall again.

they … Seem Problematic to Clean

I have one pair of leather OTK boots and one pair of suede.  The leather ones go to my cobbler at least once a year for a deep cleaning and conditioning.  If you don’t know a good cobbler find one immediately.  They will become your best friend for making tired shoes and boots look new again.  My cobbler, however, won’t touch suede.  He claims they don’t make it like they used to and the results are too unpredictable.  So again, in an attempt to keep my treasured boots beautiful, I took to the internet to find the best solutions.  Enter Gear Aid ReviveX Waterproofing and Boot Cleaner Kit into my life.  First, the Cleaner returns the boots to their store bought luster and then the Waterproofing assures they stay that way.  It also means I don’t freak out if I happen to get caught wearing them in the rain.

The kit comes with a brush but it could use an updrade.  I recommend the Shacke Suede & Nubuck 4-Way Leather Brush – as does all the other 1370+ Amazon reviewers.  These products work for boots of all heights so don’t neglect the ankle booties either!

These are the problems I have encountered … did I miss any that you have had with your OTK boots?