Wow, February already!  This means spring is right around the corner.  It also means Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away.  My husband calls it a Hallmark Holiday (he is probably on to something there).  Whatever the reason for the holiday, I still love getting girly (oh, and eating an entire box of chocolates ).  If it is celebrated in your house like it is in ours … with dinner at your own dining room table or perhaps a movie date night some time in the not too distant future then you are in tune with our laid back style.  But no matter whether you celebrate now or later, high style or laid back I came up with some fun looks for all hours of the day including pieces you can wear to work.

Wear to Work Outfits

Fun sweaters paired with pencil skirts, a flirty dress under a suit jacket or a red silk blouse are all office ready pieces that still offer fun and personality.  And none of them look like you are trying to hard!  Bonus – all these pieces can all be worn again and again without looking kitschy. My 9 to 5 Shoes Valentine's Day Outfit ideas for Work

Halogen Graphic Pullover (Nordstrom had this heart and a LOVE version – both adorable and J.Crew had a lips one) and Black Pencil Skirt |  J. Crew Lips Shirt and Martie Pants | Hugo Boss Suit Jacket and Alice & Olivia Dress | J. Crew Margot Silk Blouse and Navy (or Black) Pencil Skirt

After Hours Outfits

These outfits are more for after work hours. Technically the second and fourth outfits could also be work appropriate.  To make the second outfit more flirty and casual wear the skirt with a white T-shirt.  To make the dress more work appropriate  – add tights and ditch the fun shoes (begrudgingly). My 9 to 5 Shoes Valentine's Day Outfit ideas

Topshop Sheer Blouse and Black Paige Denim |  J. Crew Shirt, J. Crew Skirt and Sam Edelman Heels | Lips T-shirt and Black Paige Denim | Lips Dress and Red Tie Heels

I will be going with the lips T-shirt, a racy led bra peaking out the back and my black Paige Denim jeans for my date attire.  As for our plans?  There will likely be a scrumptious dinner made at home followed by lounging on the couch.  Oh, yeah and that previously mentioned box of chocolates for dessert.

What are you wearing this Valentine’s Day and what are your plans?