My son has a book I purchased for him during one west coast trip called San Francisco, Baby!  Since that trip, I cannot travel west without thinking about the title (which makes me smile).  There is also a mandatory pre-trip reading of the book and another mandatory reading immediately upon return (which also makes me smile).

West Coast Color Inspirations

There has been a lot of book reading lately as I recently returned from a San Francisco trip.   While visiting, I was able to get out for some sightseeing.  It was so inspiring. The muted pastels that cover all the buildings are gorgeous and make the city an architectural gem. I often find outfit inspiration in architecture and San Francisco did not disappoint. The color combinations were particularly intriguing. I am bummed that both my camera and mother nature were not cooperating (it rained a good portion of my trip) to allow picture taking.  The downside of these two challenges is I don’t have any pictures. Amazon helped me remedy the camera problem (a new battery is en route) but there was little I could do to stop mother nature.

To understand the beauty of the city you will have to trust my descriptions (or travel there yourself).  While all the houses were gorgeous and inspiring; the most inspiring house was a pale blue and burgundy blur as the Uber cruised past at 40 miles an hour (also not photo friendly).  Luckily, the image of this house is seared into my brain and the colors of this rowhouse have inspired my outfit of the day.

Outfit Details

Classiques Entier Leather Skirt (old but see alternatives below)| Topshop Blouse

Where to Buy Similar


Featured image by mari.francille ( [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.