I need help choosing which shoe to save.

Let me explain … I saw these beautiful shoes in a post from PureWow about freezing your tights …

… and it was love at first sight.  The tight freezing recommendation is good too.

Bad News, Good News

So the bad news, they are Prada (hello blown budget) and several seasons old (hello nowhere to actually buy them).

Now the good news, I found two similar pairs during the year-end sales.  Although they are missing the cool metallic details (buckle/zipper) and the lug sole they were good substitutes.  I purchased both of them and now I am trying to decide which one to keep.

Via Spiga Cara Slingback Sandal (top) | MICHAEL KORS Maeve Suede Open-Toe Booties (bottom)

The Details

The two I purchased are similar in price (nowhere near the price of Prada)!  Also, they are suede, which I think pairs better with tights.  I intend to wear them in the winter (with tights) but I also plan to transition them into spring (eventually ditching the tights).  Which means I also need to factor in bare skin (ideally my bare skin would have more of a tan).  Honey, are you reading?  I need a sunshine filled get-away!  Comfort isn’t a factor as they are both equally so.  I think they can also both go casual.

You Decided!

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Which one would you save?

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