Welcome to the end of the Holidays. Welcome back to whatever you return back to.  I was just reading a post this morning on this exact notion.  It ended with:   “Don’t let yourself get buckled by ‘back at it’ – accept it, appreciate it, or change it!”

I’m going to have to work on that.  Like many people, I had to go back to work today after being off for far too long.  Returning wasn’t the problem.  The problem is I got used to the routine of not working! Now sitting back in the office – I don’t want to look at the phone, the computer, or the files on my desk. The mom in me wants to play ‘Bat Man cave’ and build rocket forts and all the other fun things my 5 year old contrived when he tugged on my arm and said, “Mama Play”.  The chef in me wants to cook glorious meals that take all day and make the family swoon.  My lazy self wants to read and lounge and watch mindless movies.  That’s what I WANT to do …

But I am not going to do anything of those Holiday things today.  I am going to work.

On an aside, I’m looking fabulous. Thanks to all the generous gifts from family and the year-end sales allowing generous gifts to myself; my wardrobe has increased exponentially and I have many new and exciting things to wear!

Did you see my 2017 Trends post? Today I embraced the athleisure look. Yeah, I know I said this was a hard look to pull off in the office. But it’s Monday (well, Tuesday) and I’ve been off for two weeks and am currently sporting a don’t care attitude. Like I said, I am going to have to work on that.

So, yeah, today – athleisure.

Office Take on Athleisure

Lest you think I kept the sneakers on all day … I did change into heels for the actual work day.

BP. Ruffle Front Sweatshirt (only small sizes left – alternatives below) | J. Crew Teddie Pant – a great pant to break into the cropped flare trend (on major sale!  see below for tall or petite also on sale!) | Ted Baker Heels or New Balance 410 (I was really embracing the athleisure trend for my commute) | Perry Street Leandra Statement Necklace from Rocksbox

Where to Buy