I am in LOVE with this look!  For a matinee showing of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, I paired these two items together and it was perfectly dressy and … well, not.

Yeah, I know – but trust me on this one.

Do you know a better way to re-purpose all your ‘fancy’ dresses that don’t get the wear they should?  Such a shame to leaving them hiding in the back of the closet.  Why save them for weddings, church and NYE?  It was amazing how easy and obvious the transformation was with the simple addition of an army jacket.  The fancy dress became less so and the jacket more so.  It was the perfect mix.  The neutral color of most army jackets means it is bound to pair with almost any ‘fancy’ dress.  This is a look I would even wear to the office.  One note – be sure to keep your shoes feminine lest anyone forget you are.

Outfit Details

Most of my items are old but the bracelet is Loren Hope from Rocksbox and the booties are Stuart Weitzman Mitten ON SALE (Also called Perfection or Glove or Clinger – it has an identity crisis)

Army Jacket + Fancy Dress

Here are some examples of cute pairings, right down to the shoes!!

my9to5shoes Army Jacket + Fancy Dress

Where to Buy

Below are tons of Army (Field Jackets) and Fancy Dresses for you to choose from.

Army Jackets

Fancy Dresses