I spend the majority of my days wearing them.  I typically enjoy the uniform-like ease with which a suit can be pulled together. But today was rainy and gloomy and I wasn’t feeling very “suity”.  The problem was a scheduled meeting requiring me to don the suit.

Enter a bright silk blouse.

In order to counter my anti-suit mood, I decided to add an unexpected pop of color to my outfit! I opted for a bright turquoise silk blouse which provided excellent contrast to my deep navy suit. The fun shouldn’t have ended there though, I normally would have also added a brightly colored purse to complete the look.   My procrastination in putting on the suit caused me to be running late, thus no purse change.

Unexpected color pairings still allow me to look pulled together and professional while having some fun with my outfits.  It is a formula I use frequently and works with any combination of colors.  Try orange and black, fuchsia and brown, yellow and charcoal, or bright green and grey to highlight a few.  The more unexpected the color combination the better the effect.  And a suit isn’t required.  I have applied the same formula to separates; one of my favorite outfits is a turquoise skirt, navy blue polka dot shirt and bright green cardigan.  The colors work together because they are all similar in hue but the combination is certainly unexpected.

I look for inspiration everywhere, from piles of laundry tossed together or my unorganized closet (I try so hard).  When a shirt ends up next to a skirt that I wouldn’t have typically paired it with but all of a sudden looks like a match made in heaven, I consider that outfit planning genius.

Have you created any unexpected color combinations?  I am always looking for new pairings to try!  Comment below.

A note about the shoes …these are one of my very favs but they were purchased from J.Crew years ago.  I found a very swoon worthy candidate replacement pair here though.

Outfit Details

Theory Gabe Suit Jacket | Theory Max Edition Straight Leg Pants |Joie Silk Blouse (old but alternative shown below) | J. Crew Mary Jane (old) Alternative | Nadri Necklace

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Deep Navy Suit

Bright Silk Blouse