Can we talk tassels?

Now that I have your attention I should probably mention – NOT the Vegas type …. I mean tasseled earrings.  Although I did see a lovely leather fringe skirt that I am scheming how to pull off at work! Leather Fringe Skirt

But earrings … this trend is still swinging strong (sorry). I am a little punchy today – too much time IN with the family!  Is it time to go back to work yet?    Seriously though, tasseled earrings add color or whimsy to any outfit.  Yesterday, I wore them to fun up my loungewear. While probably more appropriate for evenings (aka date night) and weekends (aka play dates) – they can also work in the office.

For something more office appropriate, choose the material and length wisely.  Because the options are endless:  short, flowy, beads, thread, leather, silver, gold, bright colors or mixed it is easy to get carried away.  For the office, I opt for dainty and metal.  Save the bright yellow, four inch long beauties for happy hour (although, how cool are they – and yellow is going to big this spring).  Be sure to also size them appropriately.  The office isn’t the place for tassels past your shoulders.  Also, keep in mind your facial structure.  If you are blessed with a long, swan-like neck (um No), you can go longer but those with thicker, shorter necks should adjust accordingly.  And make sure however you style your hair, they can be seen – up is always a good call.  This is a trend perfect for those bad hair days.  Pull your hair up, put all the focus on your ears and BAM, DONE!

Tasseled Earrings for the Office