August in Boulder, CO

In August, I spent 5 glorious days in Boulder, CO.  Please don’t mention the word glorious to my husband, maybe try grueling in lieu. I was there for work so it shouldn’t have been so fun.  My company was hosting a conference and there really was a fair amount of work.

When trying to pack for this trip (during the heat drenched days of Northern Virginia) I was inspired by both the cooler weather in the mountains and a recent addition to my growing Stuart Weitzman boot collection – the “perfection” booties I purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.

Because it was a work event, my packing included suits and dresses for the conference days.  But each evening also included a “taste of Boulder” social event so there was also more casual looks for after hours.  These boots handled every out perfectly … living up to its name.  Perfection.  (A note on the name … it seems to have multiple personality disorder because depending on where you are shopping it has a different name.  I tried to provides links to all the options … mitten, glove, perfection … they all look the same to me.  You can currently find it on major sale.  Bonus!

Outfits with Perfection

I paired these boots with a full suit (skirt), dresses with suit jackets, dresses without suit jackets, jeans and even capri pants.  They worked with everything.  I have the taupe color but some of the other rich fall colors also intrigue me.  This will be a fall workhorse in my wardrobe.

Stuart Weitzman Perfection (and similar)