4th of July – The Everything Else Edit

The whole weekend I've been shopping picks for 4th of July (order by Monday and they will arrive in time for the Holiday). I've covered dresses and shoes (my favorite) so today is everything else. Tops, shorts and accessories. Did I miss anything?!? #maybehats #ilovehats 4th of July Tops Starting at the top ... literally. Because I'm ...


4th of July – The Shoe Edit

Nothing says summer more than 4th of July and staying up late on an already long day for fireworks. All weekend long I'm sharing essentials to get you through the holiday weekend (and the rest of summer). This post is the 4th of July Shoe Edit!! In our house we do picnics and concerts (and more ...


4th of July – The Dress Edit

In the Summer Essentials Edit I mentioned my loathe for shorts and my passion for dresses so I'm starting my 4th of July Picks Post with The Dress Edit. The next post will focus on shoes and the last is everything else (I did include two pairs of shorts there...so come back if your a ...


Hello Summer! – Summer Essentials Edit

The days have gotten longer (and hotter) and summer officially begins today. How did this happen?  Truth be told, the boys and I have been in summer mode since Memorial Day. They are out of school and we've spent hours poolside. Hours. Day, evening ... doesn't matter. If we aren't already there - I'm constantly ...


Styling Casual Friday (and Beyond)

If you saw my post earlier this week (read it here) then you know I'm talking all things casual this week.  The specific topic was a reader request after seeing my Oshima obsession (these pants are everything BTW) but she asked for some casual Friday wear and cool weekend looks. #EveryoneCanDoCasualCool I showcased casual skirt looks earlier (plus how to upgrade ...


3 Shirts + 3 Skirts = 8 Looks

My focus for the posts this week originally came from a reader request for casual Friday wear and some cool weekend looks. Mid-week through our largest conference of the year and having donned business formal attire everyday for the last four (yes that includes Saturday and Sunday), I couldn't agree with that need more. I ...


Work Wear Staples – Best of the Rest (Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale)

It's getting down to the wire.  I've taken one last look at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale and pulled out the last few remaining gems.  The focus today was work wear staples.  You know the pieces ... not very exciting ... but pieces you wear EVERY week. You just never really think about how important they are - until ...


Red, White and Blue Picks (Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale)

I took another look at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale over the weekend (#notsuprising) to see what items were still left.  In the spirit of the Memorial Day Holiday I focused solely on Red, White and Blue picks.  The orange adverse will thank me for the reprieve. So kick up your feet (#hopefullybyAPool) and peruse the ...


My Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Wish List

I've been combing through the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale trying to determine if there is anything I need (read want).  So far I have managed to place 84 items in my cart.  As I scroll through these items - there are a few trends emerging.  I find myself filling my cart with dangly, geometric shaped earrings, colorful ...


4 Ways to Style a LBD (Little Black Dress)

Everyone needs one. If you don't have a LBD (Little Black Dress) you need to purchase one immediately.  For work, for play, for fun ... it is the one item in your closet that can be worn anywhere. #forreal For Work The key to making a LBD office-worthy is to add structure. A jacket or shell makes ...

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