Vegas, Baby!

There is one work trip I look forward to every year and that’s the one I am currently enjoying – Las Vegas. It’s work with a hefty side of fun!  This year I planned ahead – way ahead!  What to pack? What to wear? Where to eat? Entertainment? I’ve been making lists and putting together […]

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My Month of Me

This is one of those posts that has absolutely NO fashion information. If you want to read about Vegas and my fashion fun ... come back Tuesday. If you want a little more ME ... read on. You've been warned.  If you remember, October was a 'me' focused month. It started with a six week fitness ...


Nordstrom Sale Finds Reviewed

If you couldn't guess from the featured image ... I'm currently 25000 feet in the air on my way to Vegas!!  Woohoo!   I run a half marathon on the strip tomorrow (more on that a little later) and then do some work stuff. #AndPlay But first ... sales!  I shared my best Nordstrom Fall sale ...


Nordstrom Fall Sale Picks (Round 2)

Yesterday I sorted through my Nordstrom Fall Sale Picks for Shoes, Holiday and 'Saturday'.  The search continues today in Outerwear and Handbags.  And a bonus pick or two in shoes ... Outwear I love coats.  I have so many different coats in so many colors.  For my work coats I opt for investment pieces but for something ...


Nordstrom Fall Sale Picks

It's sale time!!   The Nordstrom Fall sale is going on now through November 12th and there are so many good finds to talk about.  I broke the sale down into categories so it would seem slightly less overwhelming (there was more than 11,000 items).  #IGotYourBack I will be adding more picks as I sort through the ...


3 Days in Rochester: The Edgy Edit

I feel like I've been doing this trip on repeat the last few months.  Late night flight to Rochester, meetings, more meetings and then an afternoon flight home the following day.  My last trip was all internal meetings so I opted for more casual dress.  I was also feeling a little edgy.  Fall has been ...


My Jimmy Choo Dupe

Last week I fell in love. It started with a post from @thatpencilskirt ... specifically this photo ... and I fell hard.  And then I saw the price tag.  I'll let you take a peek for yourself ...  Choo Shoes.  #GoAheadAndLook Yep!  Now I'm not above splurging on shoes but ... wow!  Not to mention I am ...


Hunting for New Leopard Shoes

So breakfast yesterday morning went something like this. Husband:  "Your heels look like they were attacked." Me:  "What?" Husband:  "The heel of your shoes are all chewed up.  You need to fix them (again)." Me:  (after thoroughly examining my shoes), "You are right, I need to buy new shoes." After I acknowledged that my leopard shoes looked liked they themselves ...


Office 911 (or Emergency Office Supplies)

Today is a good day to talk about emergency office supplies.  Not paper clips or staples ... I'm talking items you should keep in your desk because you just never know ... #LifeHappens Why today?  Well the first post I saw on Instagram this morning was @theroundpegintweed talking about an emergency dress purchase she had to ...


How to Transition to Fall in Blush

Even though Virginia hasn't gotten the memo, we are already three weeks into Fall.  I'm shocked, but only because the 70 degree and high humidity days feel nothing like the Fall I know.  I grew up in the Midwest where seasons are unique.  Its been nearly 20 years but I may never get used to ...